Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday=middle of the week and still not over yet!!!!

OK, I am sitting at my dest waiting on a confrence call to start. I have been waiting 5 minutes. Did I mention that I am impatient??? So, I figured that while I am waiting I would write a little. Last night I made steak and green beans for dinner it was delicious. I also made the red velvet cake. That was a task and let me tell you an excercise for your arm all that whisking. I though my arms were going to fall off. The cake part turned out really good. However, you are supposed to cook the icing and I started it and had to go outside to get Tank untied. He loves to run around stuff on his chain and get tangled up. So, while I was outside doing that the icing burnt. Thank goodness we had a tub of icing in the pantry already so I had to use that. It turned out all in all pretty good. I also decided I am not going to make the cornbread stuffed pork chops. It was just too much hassle. I settled on fajitas.

Now, back to Tank. After I get done with the whole cake situation I go outside to let him off the chain for a while. I notice that his toy is missing. I have to go on the hunt for the missing toy. Low and behold I find it at my brother's house next door and his little demon dog has done hid the toy. I'm trying to wrestle the dog for it and finally win. Victory is mine... or so I thought. I am walking back to my house as the demon is following me and trying to get the prize from me. It was a whole big ordeal. I'm just glad it is over.


  1. no pic of the cake to drool over? :-)

  2. Just think of all the exercise you got messing with that dog and whisking the cake!