Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Shack

Last night made some fajitas with some beans and rice. So delish.! Tonight we are goign to the crawfish shack. So excited. I absolutly love crawfish. Now, no I don't suck the heads like most people. Sorry just eat the tails. I also wear gloves. My mother is always telling me my PawPaw will just laugh if he ever sees me doing that. Well I don't like my hands to smell of crawfish. I don't care if you wash them there is still a smell that remains. And, while you are off trying to get your hands clean; I can just rip the gloves off and be ready to go. So HA!! After that we are supposed to stop by Rowdy Bucks I want a amerretto sour. I know I'm going to be exahusted tomorrow at work from staying out so late, but it will sooo be worth it. Oh, for Carmen here is the pic of the cake. It is a little blurry sorry.
So, now moving on.... I can't believe that the swelling in my stomach has decreased so much. I know that I could eat anything that I want to. I am trying so hard to stay good though. I only eat one cup, but like 20 minutes later literraly my stomach is growling like a frickin monster is in there. It is really painful. I am just hoping I can hold out and keep doing well until I get a fill. But it is hard. I really have to make myself go to my bedroom at like 8:30 so that I am away from the kitchen and any snacks that I might just shovel into my mouth if in eye range. And, I have been dreaming of food for the past 3 nights. That is really weird. Last night I dreamt about a kolache and a coke. When I woke up I really thought I drank a coke and was scarred that I was going to be hurting from the carbonation. Ok now that I have ranted a little. I will be closing now. Until Later TATA.


  1. Wow! This sounds really frustrating. Hang in there and enjoy your night out.

  2. thanks for the pic! :-) yummm
    hang in there with the eating!

  3. It's hard in the beginning -you're in bandster hell. Hang in there!!

    I SO hope you and Jess can come to Chicago!!!! Save your pennies. :)

  4. Please say you and Jess are coming to Chicago! I'm putting you both down for a strong maybe!!!!