Thursday, April 8, 2010

TEMPTATION ISLAND!!!! you have been voted off the ISLAND :(

OK today is going not so well. All that I have been thinking about and talking with co-workers about is Dairy Queen. It is aweful. Dip cones, blizzards, sundaes, dilly bars, waffle bowls or cones, DQ sandwhiches, buster bars, and banana splits. Any of it just any of it. I want it N O W!!!!! Look I mean I am resisting the temptation but it is all that really is on my mind. That's the problem it's like my mind and my stomach are in a war and who is going to come out victorious.

Now that I have had my mimi meltdown. I feel better. I have been doing really good lately. I have been eating only 1 cup of food for every meal like I am supposed to. For breakfast I have been eating a shake of black berries, strawberries, orange juice, and protein powder. It is really good but by lunch my stomach is growling so bad it hurts. For lunch I had a 1/2 a cup of steak and 1/2 a cup of salad with no lettuce which consisted of tomatoes and onions. I am trying to stay away from carbs as much as I can until I get a fill. And, tonight I have no clue what I am going to do for dinner, but I know that Jessica is going to come over and we are going to have a cocktail while I have to make breakfast pie for work tomorrow.

Breakfast Pie you as well it's like a quiche. I bet it is full of calories too, but it is sooo good. My mom usually makes it for the family for breakfast on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually I never get any either because by the time I wake up my brothers have done come over and devoured the entire thing. They know she is gonna make it and the show up at the butt crack of dawn. It is pretty funny but not. Anyhoo I will give everyone the recipe and maybe on a cheat day you can have it. I know I'm gonna have a piece tomorrow.:)

ok this is for a pie shell.
You will need:
1 pie shell
1lb. sausage(I use Jimmy Dean regular) but whatever kind you like.
4 eggs
1 cup of evaporated milk or regular milk whatever you want to use
1/2 cup frozen vegatbles (onions & bellpeppers) if you don't eat that you don't have to use it.
1 cup of cheese whatever kind you want to use

Cook sausage drain and cool
put into pie shell
mix cheese in with the sausage be careful not to cut the pie shell up
in a bowl blend the eggs milk and vegatables
pour over the sausage and cheese
Put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. If you want to double it you just double everthing and you can buy the pie shells that you can mold and put it all in one container a big rectangle pan. That is what I usually do for work. That's really all I have for now. Until later TATA


  1. How you gonna post a buncha pictures of DQ Desserts???? That is messed up, you are now tempting everyone who reads it! Duh! Good thing I don't like ice cream. :) hehe I am about to have a caramel peanut roll for dessert and it tastes just like a snickers but it's good for you! oh yeah! Yeah what am I gonna do for dinner???? Great!

  2. oh and i just read an article that dq is going to be offering a 6 oz blizzard! sounds doable to me :-)

  3. I never read a word of this....saw the DQ collage and couldn't go on. When I get back from DQ, I'll read your post. LOL