Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Blues day!!!

Today is pretty much a blah day. I have decided to make cornbread stuffed prork chops for dinner tomorrow night but while I was looking at the recipe it called for sauce acadian. Now have any of you heard of such? Yeah, me neither. I asked my Aunt who has the cook book it is a Cajun cook book. The sauce is a mix of crawfish(the whole crawfish) and brandy and white butter roux. I was like yep going to skip that part of it. To lazy to make white butter roux that would take a while. I hope that it turns out good still. I'll let everyone know. And, if anyone was wondering yes I am cajun 1/2 to be exact, and part indian.I am also going to be bad and make a red velvet cake. I only want one bite. I'll bring the rest to work. Moving on.... It is so funny at work we got a new phone system and our extensions have all changed but our direct phone numbers have stayed the same. Well I didn't know that and I am texting everyone and letting them know my new number. Then I had to retell them that it was wrong and the old one was right. I was just confusing everyone and they were all texting me back to make up my mind. It was funny. Im just telling everyone this because I really have nothing to say. Oh, I almost forgot the third poster for True Blood:

Well, that's it for now. TATA


  1. hmmm....i'm drooling all over my latop! cornbread stuffed pork chops? YUMM red velvet cake? QUINTUPLE YUMM!!!!

  2. yes, I am watching it...I already know that Sara got her head chopped off! That really ticked me off! Poor Michael. That is all we shall discuss at this point. tata

  3. Love the new poster, kind of makes me laugh because I keep thinking it's so appropriate for a band girl. ;o)

  4. Hello~
    I just started reading your blog, gor here from your friend Jessicas blog, I am in the process of getting banded hopefully next month or early Juli, still don't have a date. I still have to go see the nuitricionist & have the sleep study done. I was wondering I see both here on your blog and on Jessicas that u girls are eating red meat alreay. On my binder it says no red meet till after a year, and that there is going to be the hardest for me as I am a meat eater hehe. Did your doctor ok that with u?