Monday, April 26, 2010

The Begining

Well this weekend pretty much flew by. Feel like I blinked and it was gone. Saturday mosly just sat and laid around till I went over to Jess' house and we played some old school nintendo.. That was super mario fun. :) Then after that got ready to go out with some friends. Didn't end up getting home till about 4 then didn't go to bed until like 530. But, got to sleep until 1 so that was nice. Sunday got some much needed sun. Pressure washed the pontoon boat and all the life jackets. Hopefully we will be able to take it out this weekend. On the eating front I am doing much better. I finally got my mind back in the right state. We went to the Texas Roadhouse and I got the child's steak meal it was a 6oz. sirloin and mashed potatoes with gravy and a salad with ranch. I had like 3 bites of the salad and 2 of the mashed taters and not even half of the steak. So, that was good. Sunday I really didn't eat much I was too busy to even think about it.
So... got a funny story about the roadhouse. You know most people have quirks about when a waiter or waitress gets a tip. Like if I have to suck on ice with my drink yea no tip. Sorry if you can't keep my glass full you aren't doing a good job. Well we order our food and you usually get your salad first then your meal. So, the salad comes out and before any of us are even done putting the dressing on it our food comes out. And boy was one of my friends pissed that was her pet peeve and no tip for the waitress from her. Which brings me to my question of what is your no tip rule. What do they have to do or should I say not do to not get a tip???? Well until next time TATA


  1. the drink thing is huge for me too. if i can see the bottom of my glass for more than 10 minutes. no tip. i go to a lot of restaurants to study when i need a change of environment. i always buy something though so i'm not loitering. i usually start with coffee. if they badger me to order, or make faces when i tell them to just keep the coffee coming and i'll order later. no tip. however, when i tip, i tip well. usually 40%. since i know waiters and waitresses don't make enough money and are usually on tip share.

  2. it takes something HUGE for me to not leave any tip....for instance awhile ago i went out with my friend who had the bypass, she requested a salad in place of the taters the waiter said no and was very rude about it, we left no tip but on the way out i talked to the manager and told her why we didn't leave one, she apologized and gave us a $25 gift certificate!
    if the server isn't attentive i will definitely knock a bit off the tip but like i said it takes a lot for nothing to be left

  3. For me it has to be pretty big not to leave any tip. I've only done it twice.

  4. I can't remember when I didn't leave a tip. Not much gets to me, but if something bugs me, I tell them and they actually make it better. Like ordering a pasta and shrimp dish. I found only 1 tiny shrimp so mentioned it and they made me a new dish with a lot more shrimp. At the same restaurant I got a free lunch. Maybe I should just stop going there. But maybe if you had complained-you might have got some freebies, especially if you tell them you won't be back.

    The one thing I hate is the double tipping. We go out as a group and there is an automatic 15% gratuity. If I don't notice I add more and then someone tells me when we get back to work and I get pissed.

    I guess the only solution is to not eat out and cook everything at home. Right! Like that's gonna happen with me.

  5. We rarely, in fact I don't think that we have Never left a tip!

    If the service wasn't up to par, like not refilling drinks or fixing a problem, then the tip goes down to about 10%, if the service was OK, then we leave about 15%.

    But if the server was great, on top of everything, fixing any problems, a little sassy or flirty, then we leave a minimum of 20% and up to 40%!! Plus, if the latter was the case, we would talk to the Manager about them as well!!

  6. Wow, ok. I think the whole salad thing is a lil cranky. I mean when you are at a bigger restaurant that is packed, especially on a Saturday night then I can see being more lenient. It's not the server's job to make the dang food in the back and if the cooks get the salad and the main food ready around the same time, how is that the server's fault??? Are they supposed to bring you the salads and then let your food sit in the kitchen until you are done so that your food gets cold???? You don't have to finish the salad before you eat your meal. Eat both at the same damn time then. Service has to be pretty crappy for me not to leave a tip. I have NOT left one many times though. But what Colt did is a pretty ridiculous. That's as childish as unscrewing salt shakers. Gosh!

  7. I worked as a waitress in high school and it is a hard job. Servers usually only make minimum wage and then have to share their tips with the cooks, bussers, host, etc. And Jess is right that most servers prepare their own salads while the kitchen is responsible for when the food comes out. So the server would have no part of that issue. After I quit waitressing at age 19, I was really angry with people for a long time. I always tip 15 - 20% unless there is a serious issue and then I leave 10%.