Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday... Might be the worst day of the week!!!!!

I am soooo tired..... I hate waking up on Monday morning knowing I have to go to work. I want to wake up one weekday morning and know Nope I don't have to go to work today I am going to sleep in. So... time for the weekend recap

Friday night: Went to Ole Tyme Days(a like small carnival type deal in our small town) and for some weird reason I was so swollen. My ankles look like a can of bisquits exploded. And I just felt so aweful from feeling so swollen. It was strange. OK at the cook off we partied until midnight when they shut it down then we headed to Rowdy Bucks and shut that down. It was funnnnnn....

Saturday: Woke up and played with Tank. Got dressed and went and picked up the bestie Jess. We went to the festival and walked forever and a day. It was super hot and humid too. After we got done there we went home changed and went to a BBQ at a friends house. Jess and me left there about midnight.

Sunday: Went 4-wheelin with some friends. Got wet and really muddy. Had a mud fight and we fell in the lake. That was funny. Got a lil sun too. I need some cause I feel more white than milk.

Oh most important thing.... After riding muddy and all we stopped at Crawfish Shack. Thank goodness.... It was soooo delicious. I get a fill on Wednesday. Hopefully I get back to being only able to eat a little. I'm not being totally bad but bad enough. OK done now.

One last thing. Poster 4 for True Blood:


  1. Monday "might" be the worst day - uh uh - it IS the worst day! Totallly. Completely. Always.

  2. Fun, fun! Yes I love True Blood...Bill!!! Yes, Bill he is too sexy for words and that mysterious way he walks, talks, etc etc....shhh don't tell the hubby!