Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Hurried Post....

So, I literrally only have about 2 minutes before I have to leave to go and get my fill. Wish me luck. Jess and I are both going today. I am so happy to be getting a fill because I know that I have little restriction and I don't want to mess up. However, this whole not eating until after you fill and then you can only have liquids for two days. Yea hate that with a passion. Thought I was never going to have to see liquids again. LIQUIDS ='s ANNOYANCE!!!!! But atleast it is for only 2 days. I think I can handle that. Oh and I got the blizzard from Dairy Queen last night the small one and I realized why I don't ever get them. Dairy Queen is maybe 10 minutes from my house adn the damn thing melted. Yes melted!!! It was good but I don't ever want one again. Well gotta go. TATA


  1. I take advantage of the opportunity to drink things I wouldn't normally chose after a fill. My favorite is a piña colada Orange Juilius. A small is 260 calories so I don't have one very often, but after a fill I can totally justify it!

  2. i usually do the ice cream after a fill as well. that's really the only time i can justify it. and i put unflavored protein powder in it. another way to justify something bad for me. i just know if i die before i drink another whey protein shake, i'll die happy. blech. lol hope your fill went well.