Friday, April 2, 2010


Had to go to the doctor today for my tonsils. I hate them. Wish they would have been taken out when I was a child and got strep throat like 5 times a year, but noooo my doctor back then said that I would grow out of it. Ya, wish he could see me now. SO, at the doctor he asked about them and I was telling him that I have had this problem since January 1st. So he wrote me a script for a different kind of medicine. Hopefully it works. Then I asked him to refer me for the MRI I need to have on my liver for the lump that the doctor saw when he was placing the band. He said it looks like a fat deposit and that it would go away as I keep loosing weight, but that it is better to be safe then sorry. Then I had to get some blood work done and he did a strep test on my throat. That felt really crazy because they take two long q-tips and swab the back of your throat and it feels like they were boxing with my uvula. I didn't have it so that was good. Onward....

Tonight me and a couple of friends are going to dinner and a movie. We are going to Olive Garden (yummy:)) and then to see Why Did I Get Married Too? I can't wait I am going to get some mashed potatos and eat a little piece of a breadstick and maybe a couple bites of salad. Just depending on how I feel. Well until next time TATA!

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  1. Hope you have fun tonight! Have some olive garden for me!