Thursday, April 22, 2010

The day after.....

So, yesterday went for my one month checkup and for a fill. It went splendid. I got a whole 1cc in my band and I am not sensitive to the fill. The new weight is 294.2 so yyyyyeeeeessss. Even though I gained 5 from the last time I weighed. The dr. said that I lost 12 since surgery so that was uplifting. Then it was really funny cause you know when you have to swallow that gritty stuff to see if it goes through the band. YEAH. I asked the nurse if these little thing in the picture were stiches and she was like ugh no... those would be your hooks in your bra. So I died laughing. hahahahaha!!!!! Then ofcourse I am starving to death and my stomach is eating itself. So, me and Jess stop at Baytown Seafood and get a bowl of gumbo and laddle out the broth. And, I just wanted to cry... But today Jess got me really excited and told me that today is day 2 of liquids and not day 1 so that was so good for me. And, finally last night I got to catch up on a few episodes of General Hospital. If anyone watches that are you feelin me when I'm sayin that I am tired of everyone ganging up on Sonny. Leave him alone.

Until later. TATA


  1. Glad your fill went well! I used to watch GH - Sonny was my fave!

  2. OMG, I laughed so hard. You should have asked how the bra hooks got into your stomach. LOL. My son had a wrench show up on an xray-it was from a game and was about 1/2 inch long. It looked so funny seeing this wrench in his stomach. He pooped it out in a couple of days.

    You're doing great and I hope this fill does it for you. We don't get to do the swallow thing when we get a fill. Guess it is just for the special people. Have a fantastic day!

  3. I used to watch GH all the time, Jason, Jason, Jason!!

    Glad you had a good fill!

  4. haha funny...hope you enjoy your din din tonight! :)

  5. glad your first fill went well. it's a rite of passage you know. ;) i'm a sonny fan too. i don't watch the show, but sonny's hawt.