Monday, May 3, 2010


So, last night I had a breakdown and binged on some icecream. It was a total struggle too. I opened the freezer saw it in there and kept telling myself to just close the door and go to bed. Well of course that didn't happen and I ate it and cried the whole time that I was eating it. I know bad!!!! But, while I was doing that I was trying to justify it in my head with I was joining the gym today so it was ok. But that didn't comfort me.

Moving on... Went and saw the new A Nightmare On Elm Street. Yeah, was totally not good. I mean if you have never seen the original then it was ok, but if you have see the original than you know that Robert Englund is the only FREDDY!!!! It just wasn't good.

Like I said before Me and Jess are joining the gym today super excited about that. It is right in town too so there is no excuse not to go everyday. We will see how that goes.

Until later TATA


  1. Honestly, I don't think you should be upset about the ice cream. If you want some you should have some. We don't have to give up everything just to be healthy! You can still eat what you want just in moderation, and control your portions.

    Good luck with the gym-you guys will have a blast!

  2. Now stop - you ate ice cream. The world won't end. Bad decision? Maybe. But you made it and it doesn't negate all the positive changes you have been making. You can do this. I know you can. Smooches.

  3. The saddest thing about the ice cream is that you didn't even let yourself enjoy it! Next time you have some (and there will be a next time - this is life, right?), please dish yourself a serving in your favorite bowl and sit at the table and ENJOY EVERY BITE!!! It is okay to have a treat every now and again.

  4. I agree with Amanda... let yourself have a treat every once in a while and ENJOY it. Getting the band isn't the end of good food forever. Just have a smaller portion and enjoy every bite!