Thursday, May 27, 2010


O.K. don't know if this happens to anyone else when they workout but it does to me. When I do any ab excersises my stomach hurts where my port is located. I keep telling myself well it is stitched into my muscles there so maybe that is the reason it hurts. But, I don't know. It is just a really weird feeling.

Moving on... yesterday I bought a bathing suit top off of the net and it is a smaller size I'm not sure how much smaller than what I am now, but I guess on Friday I will find out. I had to have it though. It is super cute. And, if it doesn't fit then that is going to be my goal to get into it by the river. I will work day and night to get into it by then. That is my extreme goal if it goesn't fit. Here is a picture of it:

Cute huh?? I am hoping it fits. And, I hope if I get to wear it.. I mean when I get to wear it that my tatas don't pop out the top if I bend over or anything that would be a little embarrasing and funny at the same time.
Well saw some pictures off of my friends camera and when we get them off of there and onto my computer hopefully tomorrow then I will put them onto here.

Until later TATA


  1. My God - it's the cutest thing ever but I'm a sucker for plaid. Can't wait to see it on you in pictures.