Friday, May 7, 2010


OK this morning got on the scale and I'm gonna start weighing every friday till the river trip. Goal is 50lbs. lost by July 8, 2010. I know I can do this. Well the scale said 285.4. So that is a lose of 8.8 lbs. So, 41.2 to go. Yeah!!!! Moving on last night me and Jess went to chili's and had a drink and dinner it was so much fun.
Just wanted to put that out there. Now for the

BYOC Friday! For any of my new followers this means we answer 5 questions you wouldn't normally blog about – some fun, some serious – in an effort to get to know each other better. You’ll see BYOC blogs all over blogland today so join the party if you wish!

1. Do you have any nicknames? (Thanks for this question Joey)

Maybe like 2. When we were younger it was MIMI and my friends kids call me Aunt MOMO.

2. What was your “last straw”? The incident/situation that made you decide to get a lap band or commit to losing weight via any plan this time?
(This is for anyone on a weight loss journey and is from Heather who will recently be lap-banded.)

It was my dad. I'll have to elaborate more about that in another blog some other time. Really don't feel up to being upset right now.

3. What’s your favorite joke or funny story? (This is from Sandy – she needs some laughter to start the weekend and requested this one.)

Ok funny story I'm not gonna mention names. So I was watching this comedy show it was a guy and he said you have to be careful with your girlfriends if they say that they are going out with a "friend" because FRIEND stands for=FEELING REALLY IRRITATED EMERGENCY NEED D*CK!! LOL. Well that ain't the funny part. So, at are christmas banquet for work we are laughing about the joke and a friend said something about yea you need FRIENDS I said no FRIEND cause if you have FRIENDS then you might get something AJAX won't wash off. Then a friend said hey I used AJAX last night. It was hilarious we were all dying laughing. She wasn't paying attention to the whole conversation. Then she was like I'm not talking to ya'll anymore. LOL

4. If you could be a TV dinner – what flavor would you be?

I would prolly be one of the mexican ones.

5. The question we do every week so everyone can be a little famous without having to do an official blog award….what blog or comment stuck with you or spoke to you the most this week and why?

I am going to be a lil biased and pick Jess. Love ya girlie.



  1. ha, I said enchildas for #4 you damn copy cat (yes I know you did yours before me but I am just now reading yours after I did mine, so :P ) Thanks for #5! :) Loye ya too!

  2. I'm interested in hearing more about #2...when you're and Jess are like me and Jen....getting all deep together! HA!

  3. What an awesome loss!! Great answers!