Monday, May 10, 2010

OK To Get To The Point....

So, gonna start from the beginning... As a child me and my Dad never really spoke. The only time we did I was in trouble for something. He was really strict. When I was in 7th grade he started having heart problems. I came home from school one day and no one was home. So I made me some dinner and watched tv and it got later and later. My brother came over and told me that Dad was in the hospital and I had to go stay down the road at my friend's house. Well, we got up and got ready for school the next day and got on the bus where my step nephew at the time decided to inform me that. "Did you know that your Dad was pronounced dead 3 times??" Yea there go the water works. When I got to school I ran to the office and called my Mom. She said yea that was true and then got my brother to pick me up and we all went to the hospital. That was really hard seeing my Dad like that. Well ever since then he softened up and we are now really closer. Below, him and my mom.

Well, that's not it. So, we thought that we were out of the woods and on Christmas of that year. Everyone's at the house celebrating and I am on the phone with Jess in my bedroom when my Mom busts in there and tells me that the ambulance is on the way to get my dad because he isn't looking good. Well ofcourse there I am breaking down and Jess trying to comfort me on the other line... In the hospital they had to give him a defibrillator for his heart.

So, we think everything is cool. In February of the following year my grandmother past. I had to be the one to go tell my sister what had happened. When I got to her house she opened the door and I tried to hug her and not to cry but it just started coming out. When I reached to grab her she jumped backwards and pointed at me and yelled don't you say one word. Well that made me cry even more. My sis-n-law at the time told her Bobby passed(that was my grandmother). She hit the floor with saddness and relief because she thought I was coming to tell her our Dad had died. So we were both just devestated.
Well, about every year now something happens to my Dad that is bad. He has a pace maker also. And, it is just aweful. That is what made me want the lap band. All my Dad's health problems because of being overweight and he wasn't even overweight his whole life. However I have been. My brothers are already having to take blood pressure medicine and they are only in their 30's, and they were all skinny practically their whole lives. I don't want to end up like that.

I mean just this weekend my dad was having problems with his ammonia levels. They were really high. If they get too high he could go into a coma. Well, he is so stubborn that he doesn't want to take the meds. They make you have to go to the bathroom alot. Well, because his ammonia levels are so high he gets disoriented and falls alot. On Wednesday he was walking to the dining room and I saw that he was starting to fall so I ran over there and grabbed his hand as he was going down and thank goodness I did or he would have hit his head right on the point of my mother's hutch. It was aweful. I had to call my brother to come over to help me get him up. And, he just hates that we have to help him and him to look so vernerable. Then on Saturday night no one could get him on the phone so I am rushing home and he lied to me and said that he was in the bathroom and that is why he didn't answer anyone's calls. but then my brother called right after that and said that he just left there and he had fallen out of the bed and was on the floor. So, yea I am just grateful that my mother is a nurse and knows all about that kind of stuff. But, it has been a trial and I know that if I don't do something now that that is what could happen to me. That is about all I can write right now. So thanks for reading.


  1. I'm sorry Mimi - big hugs to you. I hope your dad will start taking his meds. I'm glad you decided to get the band so you can be healthy and not have those problems.

  2. I'm sorry you're going through this. The band will definately give you better chances of leading a healthy life.

  3. Wow - so proud of you for digging deep and girl - so proud of you for being proactive and taking your health seriously and doing this for you. Your dad is lucky to have you. I will keep him in my prayers. You can do have great reasons to do so....and your Dad is very proud too...I just know it.