Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry for not posting for awhile. Been a lil busy at work and at home. Helped my brother move last night to a new place and could he own anything heavier. I told him if he planned on moving again buy lighter stuff. His headboard to his bed I know had to weigh over a hundred pounds. That thing prolly busted my hernia again. LOL. Well moving on... So it was weigh day and it is 283.8 So yea!!! Anyways, so this morning Jess came to pick me up cause we ride to work together on Friday and she said as she was pulling out of my driveway that there was a bird that wasn't scarred away by the car. I said yea it has been there all week and doesn't move. I said it prolly laid it's eggs there. Needless to say yep it did. right in the driveway. So, I had to text everyone that would possibly come to the house and say to stay to the other side of the driveway so that no one would run them over. It was so sweet how the momma bird was trying to protect the babies. here is a pic the eggs are to the left of her. They blend in with the rocks really well.

Ok onto a funny story about my Dad who is stubborn and won't take his meds. Well since my mom is off of work and able to watch him. She has been putting the meds into his milk in the morning. It is so funny cause he doesn't even know that he is taking it. He asked my mom yesterday why the milk tasted funny and she said was it bad and he said no it just tasted funny. But he has been drinking it all week and hasn't even noticed. HAHA..And, hopefully it starts working and he starts feeling better. He fell again on Wednesday and we had to help him up. And again on Thursday when I got home he was on the floor and I had to help him back onto the couch. Oh I hope the meds start working fast.

Until Later TATA


  1. Love the bird pic - cute story!

  2. awww lil birdy! :) Your mom is drugging John? Haha too funny. Oh well serves him right for being so damn stubborn

  3. What a coincidence, we have a bird that laid eggs in the gravel at one of our yards for work. Whenever you go near the eggs the mom runs around squawking and flapping her wings lol.