Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF... and Weigh Day!!!

So, just wanted to thank everyone who sent the hugs. I really needed them. I was really depressed that day about Tank. But, it is time to move on and up.. Just I know now no more dogs. Nope!!!! And if anything happens to my babbies which are my cats no more of them either.

Well, today was weigh day and I got on the scale expecting it to go up for some reason. I just didn't think it would have moved cause I really don't feel any different. But the scale said.... dun dun dun..... 278.6... I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't even remember the last time I was in the 70's. I am so ecstatic.... Can't believe it.

Moving on...a NSV I discovered yesterday. I have this button up shirt that I wear to work and I can't button the button on the sleeve cause my arm is so big. Well yesterday I decided to try it and you know what not only did it button but i had extra room in the sleeve also. So yea for me. Don't have any recent pics at this time but will get some posted soon.

Oh and almost forgot the poster for True Blood this week...

Until Later TATA.


  1. Oh you poor girl - you are so strong! AWESOME loss and AWESOME NSV!

  2. I'm sorry about Tank.

    You're really doing a great job with the weight loss-Keep it up!

  3. So sorry about your dog. That sucks! Good job with the weighloss. You are doing so well!