Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, I have been a lil busy here lately so I am posting fast. The sixth True Blood poster. It is a glimpse that we might be seeing some more people like Sam which is always good. Hopefully.:)

Caution: The next part of this blog is a lil gross...

Moving on, so last night had a total scare. My mom made hamburgers for dinner and I went to walmart to get a few things. Isn't it nice when you go for a couple of things there and buy half the store. Yeah. Me too... Anyway, I bought a rotisseri chicken. When i got home I got one of the legs and I was going to have half o the hamburger patty with some tomatoes and onions. I was trying to be good and not have any bread. Well I ate the skin off the chicken then took a bite of the hamburger and oh boy!!!!! I felt it for the first time----I was stuck. It felt like I had a rhino on my chest. Well I didn't even have time to think I ran out the door and started barfing all over the ground off my back porch. Yeah it wasn't a pretty sight and Tank didn't like it either. He was barking at me the whole time I was hurling. Now that part didn't hurt. Then I thought I was finish and walked back inside where my mom and dad were both looking at me crazy. Right when I shut the door I had to sling it open and run out again and hurl some more. I was like thank goodness I wasn't at a resturant or anything. Cause I wouldn't have made it to the bathroom.
And, just to add on that. I don't ever want to feel that again.

Now, about the gym me and Jess joined on Monday. That was fun. We worked out for about 30-40 minutes we did the elliptical machine and the bike. We skipped Tuesday but it is back on today for some more cardio and some weights. Gotta get rid of the giggly arms. :) Weigh day is Friday and I am starting on making my 50lbs lost goal by July 8th. So I am hoping I can do it.

Until Later TATA


  1. Sorry about the getting sick, but good job at the gym!

  2. No stuck for me! I am banning it! Yup gym time. Hopefully I will make it through it without ralphing from starvation....ugh!

  3. Ack on getting sick you poor girl. But YAY on the gym time with Jess. Did you take the pocket monkey?

  4. You guys should see if they offer a zumba class! I went for my 2nd time its so much fun!