Saturday, March 20, 2010

You ask I answer

OH, one last thing. Forgot to answer Drazil's questions. Here it goes.
1. If you could be a weather forecast, what would you be and why?

I would have to answer this question as a Cool and Cloudy day with no chance of rain. I would have to say that becuase I would love to be able to be outside more often without being sunburned to death or sweating heavily.

2. If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why?

It would definatly have to be pink not baby pink but a neon pink. It is just an uplifting color.

3. What is/was your biggest physical goal you want to do when you hit your goal weight?

It's not really a goal but a reward for getting to where I am happy. I don't have a gaol weight I want to be because I haven't been skinny since I was like 9. So my reward would be a tattoo.

4. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

This one would be very easy for me it would have to be a tiger. They are so sleek and elegant with all their muscle and power just makes them beautiful and fierce.

5. Just because I’m new to some followers and I’m curious – let’s do a put it out there in black and white stat question.

What was your highest weight? 322
What is your weight now? I haven't got on the scale since surgery day and that was 306
What is your goal weight if you have one? I don't have one
What is your goal size if you have one?
What diet/program/tool do you follow/have if any? Right now it is counting calories but when I get to solid foods it will be a high protein low card diet.
How did you lose the weight current to today? I did the high protein low carb diet

6. What’s your best advice for people in this weight loss journey?

My advice would be do this for yourself. Don't do it for anyone else becuase it won't last.

7. Have you ever shaved your whootananny?

Ok this is the most funny one out of all. I would have to say who doesn't???


  1. How are you feeling Mary? I am going to Mexico for surgery on Wednesday and I am so excited! Please stop by my blog and say hello. I can use all the help and encouragement I can get!

  2. OH MARY - a tattoooooo? GREAT goal/reward - I love all of mine! And you are so right about neon pink which is why the top of my whoootananny will be a neon pink heart. Southern Belle made me do it! Thanks for answering - you are the best!

  3. So glad to hear you are up and about. LOOOVE your cats. I miss having one, although I'll get my grand-cat Elliot back when my daughter moves to a new appartment. He looks just like your Mr. Kitty.

    Drink lots of liquids and keep up the robot walking. It gets easier every day.

  4. MIMI - girl - go grab the ho-bag award I made on my blog today for answering from your heart! You rock!