Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday, was the first day back to work. It was alot harder than I thought. I ended up being real nauseous all night. It was ok though because it was a little chilly outside and I asked my mom to make gumbo and she did. It was the best meal I have had this whole time. Well, the roux was the best. I am also going to go by myself some like 3lb. dumbells so that I can work out my arms when I'm just sitting around. I figure that's better than nothing. I am also going to do some walking today becuase I didn't yesterday. I am so terrified about "calling ralph" I heard it is very painful and I don't even want to find out. I know coughing hurts and hiccups hurt more and a sneeze is worse just found that out today. I am ready to be onto solid food so that I can really start excersicing and loosing weight and tone up. I made myself a mini goal that by July 8 I want to atleast loose 50lbs. because that weekend a bunch of my friends and myself are going to New Braunfels. Until Later TaTa


  1. Hi Mimi! You can do it - I can't wait to watch as you lose the first 50!
    Each day will get better. Congrats on getting back to work, it's a great first step back to normal. I know I was relieved to have routine again. (And something to occupy my mind.)
    Take Care!

  2. The dumbbells are a great idea....hang in there!