Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am in H*ll. I cannot wait till Wednesday of next week. I guess the swelling has gone down in my stomach because I can feel that I am hungry now. But, not wanting to eat anything on the thicker liquids phase because I despise soups. So I have started thinking about other things that are have the consistancy of soup and have come up with alternatives that I will try to eat. Tomorrow we are having a breakfast for a coworkers birthday so someone is making bisquits and gravy for one dish and I was like please make me a little bowl of gravy without any sausage in it so I can eat it. So that was a little comforting knowing I can atleast have that. Then I told my mom that I would cook spaghetti for dinner tonight. That way I can have the sauce. Now, to mention what she also bought at the store while she was getting that. TA~DA I know right one of the things on my "WANT" list. I was so in shock. And, they were staring at me; daring me to eat one, but I didn't. Then I go to bed ofcouse and dream about cheetos. Well I will stop rambling on now and end.

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