Wednesday, March 24, 2010

~Thicker Liquids~

Today, I got to start thicker liquids. For lunch I tried the picture. It wasn't that aweful. It kinda tasted like the juice from spaghetti-o's. It isn't the greatest thing I am ready for next week when I can start mushies. But, I was excited that last night I was able to sleep on my side- such a big improvement from sleeping on my back. Even though it did feel like my insides were moving to the other side when I rolled. LOL! It didn't hurt though. Hopefully today I can go walking and not get soaking wet cause we are supposed to have thunderstorm here today. Does anyone know as you are losing weight how to get rid of the "SPARE TIRE" too. I know that is my main thing I want to get rid of besides my arms. So any suggestions would be great. Oh one last thing if you haven't watched it yet you need to. The Blind Side-saw it last night totally awesome. I can see why Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for her role. It was a tearjearker also. Until later, TATA

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  1. Congrats on the thicker liquids! Sorry I don't know any tips to working off that stomach fat. Please post them if you hear of anything good.