Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can't believe it!

Sorry haven't posted anything in a couple of days. Not been feeling too well. But, the liquids have been doing ok. Not at all hungry. I don't want to eat period but I know I have to. And today I am getting around alot better than the past two. I'll tell you what though coughing is like 5 people kicking you in the stomach at the same time. I went walking yesterday to get the gas moving around. It really does help. The only part of that that was hilarious was everyone in my family making fun of how I looked when I would walk. They asked me if I was trying to bring the robot back. Laughing is another thing that hurts and that is so hard not to do because I am a compulsive laugher. Pain-laugh joy-laugh scarred-laugh... well you get it I laugh about everything. I didn't think that I would be losing weight so quickly I can really tell in my face that I am losing. I wounder does anyone know of any arm excercises that you can do becuase I don't want my arms to stay big or have the loose skin. Ok. one more thing I told you about my tigers not wanting to leave me alone while I am sleeping. Yeah they still don't. this first pic is of Mr. Kitty:

And, this second pic is of Zoey.


  1. Oh we have kitties too and though I don't have a band I know that stomach pain from when I had my tummy's like heavenly torture when someone makes you laugh! Good luck - and take care of you.

  2. Crap, I asked in your other post how you were feeling before reading this! They say to keep moving, which it sounds like you are, so keep it up. Did you have a hernia repaired also? Seems to me, that really adds to the pain.

    Feel better honey!

  3. Kitties!! I love kitties. :) I should post some pics of my kitties, they are just so cute!

    Each day will get better and better, I promise!

  4. awww here kitty kitty kitty! :)