Sunday, March 14, 2010


SO, last night we went out to Rowdy Bucks in crosby, Tx a place me and all my friends like to go to hang out. It was pretty fun for the last weekend before surgery. I was the only one not drinking but you know I don't need to drink to have a good time. It helped though smelling the beer even though I don't like it HAHA! I did figure out one drink I am going to try after the healing time and everything it is Ameretto and pineapple juice. Oh and this time change has really got me crazy. But anyways enough about that. I got on the scale this morning and lost another 2 lbs. so I was excited about that. All of my friends have even said that they can especially noticed in my face and that is so one of my goals :) to not have two faces LOL. And here is a picture of the shorts that I would like to be able to get in.


  1. Thanks, hopefully I will be able to get in them one day. LOL!