Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Firstly, just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. It means alot to me. So, my dad is doing good right now. They have woke him up but he still has the tube down his throat to breath and a little touch of pnemonia... But he is lookin good. They also have him tied dow so he doesn't pull the tube out. They are supposed to take the tube out today. So crossing my finger. Now onto my annoyance.... They are making me and my sister and brothers take a class for six weeks every tuesday night about how to take care of my dad when he comes home for a month we gotta take care of him. Now the annoying part. We have to drive all the way to the hospital pay for parking which is like 12 dollars every time to be given a packet and then having the packet read to us. OK I know how to read and I am not stupid so. It is a total waste of time. But luckily the class ended early so that was good.
Now, for some weight news I am now 271.2 I decided since I'm not going to meet my goal by next week so I made a new one. To be in the 260's by then. I hope I can meet that small goal. I am very disappointed in myself though for not loosing the weight when I know that if I would have just tried harder I could have done it. Well guess I will do it as good as possible for the next goal I make and here are some pics.
Me, Jess, and a friend Steven... Partying for Jess b-day...

Jess, Me, and Ashley

Cayla and Me


  1. i'm glad your dad is doing better!!

    you are looking great!! :-)

  2. So glad to hear that your dad made it through ok. Been thinking of you all week!

  3. so glad that your dad is doing better. and don't worry about the weight loss. really, you've got tons of things going on and it would even acceptable/forgiveable/understandable (all of the above) if you gained. which i know you don't want, but sometimes in stressful situations those things happen.
    so glad to have you back and keep us posted on your dad.