Monday, June 7, 2010


OK. I have been absent lately cause I just feel down. I can't believe for the second week in a row that I have only lost .6 pounds. It is really getting to me.. Now I have to loose 6 pounds a week to reach my goal weight. This is really getting under my skin.
Oh not to mention the wreck that I got into yesterday. This girl ran into the side of my truck with her bug and dented in my real driver side door. Thanks!!!! Jess was with me and she was hot about it. I was just like really someone just hit me. Then when Jess was talking to her she said she had fallen asleep that is why she hit me. Again, Thanks... Now my truck has depreicated in value..... UGH!!! So, that didn't help my mood either.
Back to the weight. I went ahead and made another appointment to get a fill. So hopefully that will change something.
Saturday we went tubing and I actually could tell a difference in my upper body strength. That was awesome...
Here are some recent pics.
Me and Jess with our margaritas!!

My nephew Anthony who just graduated. I'm so proud of him.

And, this is me tubing Yay!!!

Me and Cayla at the beach Memorial day weekend.

OH and last but not lease True Blood Season 3 teaser poster 11: This weekend is the premier cant wait...:)

Until Later TATA!!!!


  1. I'm glad no one got hurt but sorry about your truck!

    Maybe a fill is what you need? I bet once you get it, you will start losing again. Hang in there Mary.

  2. i've been wondering where you were!! hang in there girlie! there will be ups and downs but it all works out :-)

    btw i LOVE that shirt you are wearing in the margarita pic! where did you get it?

  3. Oh, its stinks about your truck! Glad it wasn't worse though.

    Maybe your just having an off week, but you can always call your dr. Maybe they can get you in for a fill.

  4. Good God - didn't the girl have insurance so she can pay for your repairs? I was wondering where you were too! Glad you are back!