Friday, July 9, 2010


Today after work me and some friends are going on the river trip. I can't wait. The only thing that sucks is that I didn't meet my original goal. :( I'm a little sad about that. If I had only stuck to it harder I would have reached it. Well, I guess the next goal I will have to make. But, I did accomplish my revised goal was making it to the 260's. I weighed this morning and the scale said: 268. So I am happy about that a little. Anyways, a tidbit about my dad. He had to have this thing permanetly put in him for dialysis. So now he needs a kidney transplant. That kinda sucks but he is hanging in there. The medicine they have him on is making him crazy. When I was visiting him on Tuesday, he asked where my mom was and I told him at home he said Where the hell did I think we were. lol I said the hospital and he said we are a long damn way from the hospital. Well I guess if he wants to think he is somewhere other than the hospital I guess home is the best place. :) I also ran into my debate teacher from high school she said she almost didn't recognize me. She was like lookin good. It makes me feel kinda weird when people say that. Because in my eyes and when I look at myself in the mirror I don't feel like I have changed. I mean I can see it in my clothes but I just don't see it when I look at myself. Is that weird or is it just me? Has anyone else ever felt that way?

Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, today is Friday yay. So, glad this week is over. Next weekend is the river trip super excited for it.:) And, my dad is doing well. He is suppossed to start physical therapy today. I am happy about that. And tonight we are going to see the new twilight. Can't wait to see what happens. Well that's it for today sorry short post gotta get back to work so that I can leave early. Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th. Oh BYOC

1. Seeing that it’s a patriotic holiday of sorts I thought of this one: Where were you on September 11th?

• I was at school and it was my sophmore year in biology. And, when we got the new our teacher was panicing because I believe it was her dad or someone like that who was there and she didn't know if he was in there when it happened. Well thankfully he wasn't. So that was good news for her.

2. What is your idea of fun? If given the chance to skip work/life for an entire day, what would you do? (assume you’d be by yourself)

• My idea of fun is yes sleeping late and hanging with friends.

3. Suggestion from a follower. Some blog questions.

How many blogs do you follow? I'm not sure

Do you read them all or just your faves? I read what I can. I get on here mainly at work.

Do you comment a little, a lot, on all? I am not really a commenter but I do read.

Have you ever unfollowed someone because of something they said or you didn’t like their blog? No I am a pretty neutral person I feel if you live your life the way you do I can't say anything about that. Jess hates this about me sometimes. lol

Do you routinely unfollow and why? Not unless they quit posting.

4. Repeat question. Pick one day and one healthy thing you’ll do for just that day next week.

Well I will do the whole week next week until Friday. I will be good and not eat anything that is bad or a carb. Gotta be really good till the weekend. Then it is getting blown up at the river.

5. Repeat "Make someone a superstar" question. Whose blog or blog comment stuck with you this week and why?

I would have to say Drazil. She always has wonderful comments to leave. and so does everyone else who commented about my dad. That was really helpful to me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday. Thursday how I loathe that you aren't Friday. haha

So, I didn't mention yet that me and Jess got tats on Friday. Yep, I'm addicted. lol. I have to get one any time I go to the tattoo parlor. :) We went to the tattoo shop for my brother John to get his frist tattoo ever. It is of Speed Gonzales as the devil for our dad. Our dad has a tattoo on each of his forearms one of speedy and one over the devil. So my brother jsut combined them. It was a nice thing to do and a good choice for your first tat. Me and Jess got a matching tat of a latin phrase that means a friend is another self. And, she suggested that we get our zodiac signs with them so we did. It hurt close to the top of the sign when the guy started hitting bone but when he did the words I was cracking up laughing. It was tickling so bad. Jess was in pain it was funny too her facial expressions. They ended up being really good and it is almost healed. Well nothing really much to say today on and now I am 271 even. yay!!!

Oh, and had to add a lil bout TRUE BLOOD. OMG!!! The episode Sunday night. That is all I can say about it. OMG!!!! That was a whopper. LOL I can't wait to see what happens next. Oh and Alcide is hottttt!!! And, Eric just gets hotter and hotter!!!
Until Later, TATA

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Firstly, just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. It means alot to me. So, my dad is doing good right now. They have woke him up but he still has the tube down his throat to breath and a little touch of pnemonia... But he is lookin good. They also have him tied dow so he doesn't pull the tube out. They are supposed to take the tube out today. So crossing my finger. Now onto my annoyance.... They are making me and my sister and brothers take a class for six weeks every tuesday night about how to take care of my dad when he comes home for a month we gotta take care of him. Now the annoying part. We have to drive all the way to the hospital pay for parking which is like 12 dollars every time to be given a packet and then having the packet read to us. OK I know how to read and I am not stupid so. It is a total waste of time. But luckily the class ended early so that was good.
Now, for some weight news I am now 271.2 I decided since I'm not going to meet my goal by next week so I made a new one. To be in the 260's by then. I hope I can meet that small goal. I am very disappointed in myself though for not loosing the weight when I know that if I would have just tried harder I could have done it. Well guess I will do it as good as possible for the next goal I make and here are some pics.
Me, Jess, and a friend Steven... Partying for Jess b-day...

Jess, Me, and Ashley

Cayla and Me

Friday, June 18, 2010


OK, so for the people who have been wondering where the hell I have been. Sorry, not going to be a long post just trying to touch base. My dad went into the hospital on Thursday last week the 10th. And they said that his heart was failing and they were either going to get a heart transplant or a LVAD. Then I had a nervous break down cause all I could think when my mom told me that was about Denny off of Grey's Anatomy. So... Then I went up there on Sunday and saw him and he didn't look good. Then me and Jess went up there on Monday and he looked the same. I had a dr appointment on Tuesday and got a fill then headed to the hospital and I heard the dr in there so I waited in the waiting room for an hour. When I got in there my mom said they had something to tell me that I wasn't going to like. Well mom said that all of his organs were shutting down and they had to do something where they put a balloon in his heart and if that didn't work then he was just going to come home and basically die. There is no easy way to put that. Well then I got real upset because he promised me that he would be here to walk me down the aisle and see my first kid being born and since I have no intension of either then he would be around for a while. So that really upsetted me. I know that ain't a work but whatever. So they did that surgery and it has really improved his functions. So his surgery is scheduled for Monday there is only a 50 percent chance that he will make it through it and we are all hoping for the best. My brother and sis-n-law were even flown in from England cause he is in the Air Force for two weeks of emergency family leave. So that has really helped my mom... I will keep updated when I possibly can.

Monday, June 7, 2010


OK. I have been absent lately cause I just feel down. I can't believe for the second week in a row that I have only lost .6 pounds. It is really getting to me.. Now I have to loose 6 pounds a week to reach my goal weight. This is really getting under my skin.
Oh not to mention the wreck that I got into yesterday. This girl ran into the side of my truck with her bug and dented in my real driver side door. Thanks!!!! Jess was with me and she was hot about it. I was just like really someone just hit me. Then when Jess was talking to her she said she had fallen asleep that is why she hit me. Again, Thanks... Now my truck has depreicated in value..... UGH!!! So, that didn't help my mood either.
Back to the weight. I went ahead and made another appointment to get a fill. So hopefully that will change something.
Saturday we went tubing and I actually could tell a difference in my upper body strength. That was awesome...
Here are some recent pics.
Me and Jess with our margaritas!!

My nephew Anthony who just graduated. I'm so proud of him.

And, this is me tubing Yay!!!

Me and Cayla at the beach Memorial day weekend.

OH and last but not lease True Blood Season 3 teaser poster 11: This weekend is the premier cant wait...:)

Until Later TATA!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

BYOC & My small NSV

BYOC - here we go again! A couple of questions to get to know each other better. Copy and paste into your own blog if you want to play!

1. If you could be a flower, which one would it be and why?
It would have to be my all time favorite flower: a hyacinth. Because they are so pretty and colorful and smell good.

2. Which Sex and The City Character do you most relate to? (Thanks Jenny)

I would have to say Samantha... yea she sleeps around a bit but she is outgoing and funny and knows what she wants and gets it. Oh, and she says what she thinks. I love it when the girls are talking about coloring and Samantha says she wants to color with every crayon in the box. LOL loved it.

3. If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future - what would it be?

I would have to say what would be the outcome of the weight loss. What will I look like when I get to whatever I determine as my goal.

4. What's your biggest fear in your weight loss journey?

That when I get to my not determined goal yet that I won't like how I look and think I looked better bigger.

5. Repeat question: Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why?

It was Drazil's blog this week. I hear ya girl about the heat. I am about to start running in the morning and then going to the gym after work starting tuesday.

I just figured it out that I have to loose about 5 pounds a week till the river trip to reach my goal. Let me repeat that 5 pounds. I can't believe it. I thought that this would be easier to get the that goal by the river. It is already discouraging me that I feel like I'm not going to be able to make it. I am gonna try my hardest though to do it. I haven't given up the goal yet. Now ask me at the end of next week and see if my story has changed. :) Onto my NSV.So, got my bathing suit in today and tried it on in the bathroom and it fit. It was a lil snug but it fit. I am going to be trying to make that look better too by the river. So, only lost .6 pounds this week I really gotta step up my game.

Until Later TATA.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


O.K. don't know if this happens to anyone else when they workout but it does to me. When I do any ab excersises my stomach hurts where my port is located. I keep telling myself well it is stitched into my muscles there so maybe that is the reason it hurts. But, I don't know. It is just a really weird feeling.

Moving on... yesterday I bought a bathing suit top off of the net and it is a smaller size I'm not sure how much smaller than what I am now, but I guess on Friday I will find out. I had to have it though. It is super cute. And, if it doesn't fit then that is going to be my goal to get into it by the river. I will work day and night to get into it by then. That is my extreme goal if it goesn't fit. Here is a picture of it:

Cute huh?? I am hoping it fits. And, I hope if I get to wear it.. I mean when I get to wear it that my tatas don't pop out the top if I bend over or anything that would be a little embarrasing and funny at the same time.
Well saw some pictures off of my friends camera and when we get them off of there and onto my computer hopefully tomorrow then I will put them onto here.

Until later TATA

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


O.K. Today-True Blood Season 2 release and so excited for it to get to my house. I have to give it to Jess cause she doesn't get HBO so she doesn't get to watch it till I buy it. So I have no one really to talk to about what was going on. And, nineth True Blood Season 3 teaser poster:

Nothing really else is going on except I have done devoured two pieces of Cayla's mom's banana nut bread. However she makes it is the best I have ever had. It is so moist and sccrumptous..... That made me really bad today and I am trying to be good b/c like everyone knows that Memorial Day weekend is coming up and a couple of friends and me are going to the beach, a friend on mine owns a beach house out at Crystal Beach. Hopefully gonna get some sun and relax a little.

Eating wise I have been doing really good. And, have been getting fuller faster.. Fill I think worked out nicely...

Well Until Later TATA

Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF... and Weigh Day!!!

So, just wanted to thank everyone who sent the hugs. I really needed them. I was really depressed that day about Tank. But, it is time to move on and up.. Just I know now no more dogs. Nope!!!! And if anything happens to my babbies which are my cats no more of them either.

Well, today was weigh day and I got on the scale expecting it to go up for some reason. I just didn't think it would have moved cause I really don't feel any different. But the scale said.... dun dun dun..... 278.6... I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't even remember the last time I was in the 70's. I am so ecstatic.... Can't believe it.

Moving on...a NSV I discovered yesterday. I have this button up shirt that I wear to work and I can't button the button on the sleeve cause my arm is so big. Well yesterday I decided to try it and you know what not only did it button but i had extra room in the sleeve also. So yea for me. Don't have any recent pics at this time but will get some posted soon.

Oh and almost forgot the poster for True Blood this week...

Until Later TATA.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, today is a sad day. I woke up this morning and Tank is dead. He wasn't looking right last night and acting funny. I am soooo upset I was crying all morning. I think he was poisoned or something. I don't know. I just know that ir really pisses me off...
Moving on, went to the dr. yesterday and got another fill. Now up to 4.8 cc's in my band. That is cool. The only thing that sucks is that again I am on liquids. I absolutely hate them. Yesterday I was trying to talk myself out of getting a fill because I knew I would be on liquids but I didn't I got one. Now hopefully I won't have to get another.
Oh on Saturday we went to this Hibatchi Steak House. It was really neat watching them prepare the food and suprisingly it was extremely good. I even ate some of the rice but not even half of it so I thought that was good. The steak was really great. So have to plan another trip there.

Well that's all for now. Until Later TATA...

Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry for not posting for awhile. Been a lil busy at work and at home. Helped my brother move last night to a new place and could he own anything heavier. I told him if he planned on moving again buy lighter stuff. His headboard to his bed I know had to weigh over a hundred pounds. That thing prolly busted my hernia again. LOL. Well moving on... So it was weigh day and it is 283.8 So yea!!! Anyways, so this morning Jess came to pick me up cause we ride to work together on Friday and she said as she was pulling out of my driveway that there was a bird that wasn't scarred away by the car. I said yea it has been there all week and doesn't move. I said it prolly laid it's eggs there. Needless to say yep it did. right in the driveway. So, I had to text everyone that would possibly come to the house and say to stay to the other side of the driveway so that no one would run them over. It was so sweet how the momma bird was trying to protect the babies. here is a pic the eggs are to the left of her. They blend in with the rocks really well.

Ok onto a funny story about my Dad who is stubborn and won't take his meds. Well since my mom is off of work and able to watch him. She has been putting the meds into his milk in the morning. It is so funny cause he doesn't even know that he is taking it. He asked my mom yesterday why the milk tasted funny and she said was it bad and he said no it just tasted funny. But he has been drinking it all week and hasn't even noticed. HAHA..And, hopefully it starts working and he starts feeling better. He fell again on Wednesday and we had to help him up. And again on Thursday when I got home he was on the floor and I had to help him back onto the couch. Oh I hope the meds start working fast.

Until Later TATA

Monday, May 10, 2010

OK To Get To The Point....

So, gonna start from the beginning... As a child me and my Dad never really spoke. The only time we did I was in trouble for something. He was really strict. When I was in 7th grade he started having heart problems. I came home from school one day and no one was home. So I made me some dinner and watched tv and it got later and later. My brother came over and told me that Dad was in the hospital and I had to go stay down the road at my friend's house. Well, we got up and got ready for school the next day and got on the bus where my step nephew at the time decided to inform me that. "Did you know that your Dad was pronounced dead 3 times??" Yea there go the water works. When I got to school I ran to the office and called my Mom. She said yea that was true and then got my brother to pick me up and we all went to the hospital. That was really hard seeing my Dad like that. Well ever since then he softened up and we are now really closer. Below, him and my mom.

Well, that's not it. So, we thought that we were out of the woods and on Christmas of that year. Everyone's at the house celebrating and I am on the phone with Jess in my bedroom when my Mom busts in there and tells me that the ambulance is on the way to get my dad because he isn't looking good. Well ofcourse there I am breaking down and Jess trying to comfort me on the other line... In the hospital they had to give him a defibrillator for his heart.

So, we think everything is cool. In February of the following year my grandmother past. I had to be the one to go tell my sister what had happened. When I got to her house she opened the door and I tried to hug her and not to cry but it just started coming out. When I reached to grab her she jumped backwards and pointed at me and yelled don't you say one word. Well that made me cry even more. My sis-n-law at the time told her Bobby passed(that was my grandmother). She hit the floor with saddness and relief because she thought I was coming to tell her our Dad had died. So we were both just devestated.
Well, about every year now something happens to my Dad that is bad. He has a pace maker also. And, it is just aweful. That is what made me want the lap band. All my Dad's health problems because of being overweight and he wasn't even overweight his whole life. However I have been. My brothers are already having to take blood pressure medicine and they are only in their 30's, and they were all skinny practically their whole lives. I don't want to end up like that.

I mean just this weekend my dad was having problems with his ammonia levels. They were really high. If they get too high he could go into a coma. Well, he is so stubborn that he doesn't want to take the meds. They make you have to go to the bathroom alot. Well, because his ammonia levels are so high he gets disoriented and falls alot. On Wednesday he was walking to the dining room and I saw that he was starting to fall so I ran over there and grabbed his hand as he was going down and thank goodness I did or he would have hit his head right on the point of my mother's hutch. It was aweful. I had to call my brother to come over to help me get him up. And, he just hates that we have to help him and him to look so vernerable. Then on Saturday night no one could get him on the phone so I am rushing home and he lied to me and said that he was in the bathroom and that is why he didn't answer anyone's calls. but then my brother called right after that and said that he just left there and he had fallen out of the bed and was on the floor. So, yea I am just grateful that my mother is a nurse and knows all about that kind of stuff. But, it has been a trial and I know that if I don't do something now that that is what could happen to me. That is about all I can write right now. So thanks for reading.

Friday, May 7, 2010


OK this morning got on the scale and I'm gonna start weighing every friday till the river trip. Goal is 50lbs. lost by July 8, 2010. I know I can do this. Well the scale said 285.4. So that is a lose of 8.8 lbs. So, 41.2 to go. Yeah!!!! Moving on last night me and Jess went to chili's and had a drink and dinner it was so much fun.
Just wanted to put that out there. Now for the

BYOC Friday! For any of my new followers this means we answer 5 questions you wouldn't normally blog about – some fun, some serious – in an effort to get to know each other better. You’ll see BYOC blogs all over blogland today so join the party if you wish!

1. Do you have any nicknames? (Thanks for this question Joey)

Maybe like 2. When we were younger it was MIMI and my friends kids call me Aunt MOMO.

2. What was your “last straw”? The incident/situation that made you decide to get a lap band or commit to losing weight via any plan this time?
(This is for anyone on a weight loss journey and is from Heather who will recently be lap-banded.)

It was my dad. I'll have to elaborate more about that in another blog some other time. Really don't feel up to being upset right now.

3. What’s your favorite joke or funny story? (This is from Sandy – she needs some laughter to start the weekend and requested this one.)

Ok funny story I'm not gonna mention names. So I was watching this comedy show it was a guy and he said you have to be careful with your girlfriends if they say that they are going out with a "friend" because FRIEND stands for=FEELING REALLY IRRITATED EMERGENCY NEED D*CK!! LOL. Well that ain't the funny part. So, at are christmas banquet for work we are laughing about the joke and a friend said something about yea you need FRIENDS I said no FRIEND cause if you have FRIENDS then you might get something AJAX won't wash off. Then a friend said hey I used AJAX last night. It was hilarious we were all dying laughing. She wasn't paying attention to the whole conversation. Then she was like I'm not talking to ya'll anymore. LOL

4. If you could be a TV dinner – what flavor would you be?

I would prolly be one of the mexican ones.

5. The question we do every week so everyone can be a little famous without having to do an official blog award….what blog or comment stuck with you or spoke to you the most this week and why?

I am going to be a lil biased and pick Jess. Love ya girlie.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, I have been a lil busy here lately so I am posting fast. The sixth True Blood poster. It is a glimpse that we might be seeing some more people like Sam which is always good. Hopefully.:)

Caution: The next part of this blog is a lil gross...

Moving on, so last night had a total scare. My mom made hamburgers for dinner and I went to walmart to get a few things. Isn't it nice when you go for a couple of things there and buy half the store. Yeah. Me too... Anyway, I bought a rotisseri chicken. When i got home I got one of the legs and I was going to have half o the hamburger patty with some tomatoes and onions. I was trying to be good and not have any bread. Well I ate the skin off the chicken then took a bite of the hamburger and oh boy!!!!! I felt it for the first time----I was stuck. It felt like I had a rhino on my chest. Well I didn't even have time to think I ran out the door and started barfing all over the ground off my back porch. Yeah it wasn't a pretty sight and Tank didn't like it either. He was barking at me the whole time I was hurling. Now that part didn't hurt. Then I thought I was finish and walked back inside where my mom and dad were both looking at me crazy. Right when I shut the door I had to sling it open and run out again and hurl some more. I was like thank goodness I wasn't at a resturant or anything. Cause I wouldn't have made it to the bathroom.
And, just to add on that. I don't ever want to feel that again.

Now, about the gym me and Jess joined on Monday. That was fun. We worked out for about 30-40 minutes we did the elliptical machine and the bike. We skipped Tuesday but it is back on today for some more cardio and some weights. Gotta get rid of the giggly arms. :) Weigh day is Friday and I am starting on making my 50lbs lost goal by July 8th. So I am hoping I can do it.

Until Later TATA

Monday, May 3, 2010


So, last night I had a breakdown and binged on some icecream. It was a total struggle too. I opened the freezer saw it in there and kept telling myself to just close the door and go to bed. Well of course that didn't happen and I ate it and cried the whole time that I was eating it. I know bad!!!! But, while I was doing that I was trying to justify it in my head with I was joining the gym today so it was ok. But that didn't comfort me.

Moving on... Went and saw the new A Nightmare On Elm Street. Yeah, was totally not good. I mean if you have never seen the original then it was ok, but if you have see the original than you know that Robert Englund is the only FREDDY!!!! It just wasn't good.

Like I said before Me and Jess are joining the gym today super excited about that. It is right in town too so there is no excuse not to go everyday. We will see how that goes.

Until later TATA

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So is it just me or does anyone else hate cleaning???? I mean I spent all night last night rearranging my room. Moving my bed and some of my dressers around. Let me tell you mattresses are heavy as hell. I had to get my mom to help me move it and I was still like holy crap.... I though Gypsy was going to pop out of my body. LOL!!!! I also boxed up all of my stuff from school. Like all my yearbooks, nick nacks, and awards are all in that box. I was like wow. My room looks alot different....

Moving on.. Oh one last thing about that. I am the type that if I start something I can't take a break or stop until it is finished. I get serious ticked if I am interrupted in that momment. Is that crazy???

So, our house I'm sorry trailer is 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. OK so 1 of the rooms is a guestroom and it has a bed and a T.V. and you know just the regular stuff in a guestroom. Well my dad's cousin came to stay with us. No big deal. He smokes reds. Which is disgusting. I hate reds. I mean I don't mind smoke because I used to smoke when I would drink, but I have given it up. Anyways, he stayed with us for a good 6-9 months and would just basically live in the guestroom. So after he left I went in there to clean it up and when I opened the door I thought that I was bout to die. It smells so horrible in there. I mean my goodness. I left the window open for 2 days to let it air out and no it is still horrible. I can't go in there and clean cause the smell is so aweful.!!!!!! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to get the smell out. I ran in and out of there this morning and grabed the linens off the bed and threw them in the washing machine. I also sprayed the mattresses and pillows with frebreeze. IDK!!!! But, I do know that if anyone else comes to stay if they don't pay the mortgage on the house then they ain't smokin in there, the reason I say that is because my mom smokes. But, you know she doesn't smoke alot and she smokes light and menthol. So they don't stink like reds do. But whatever and like I said she pays the mortgage so I really can't say much. But visitors yes I will be sayin something. NO more miss nice girl.

Well that's all I got for now... I really don't have much to say but I didn't get to blog yesterday...TATA

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday BLAH BLAH BLAH.....

Well, the weather says that for the rest of the week it is going to be raining. How wonderful... And, thanks to everyone who answered my question. It was interesting seeing everyone's point of view on the subject. Well yesterday nothing of interest really happened. I am trying to teach Tank to fetch and that's not going so well seeing as when he brings the toy back to me the first thing he does is drops it then bites the holy crap out of my ankle. So, I am running for my ankles sake and he thinks that I'm playing. My dad get a crack out of it, cause as I'm running away I'm screaming. If I was on the outside looking in I guess I'd be laughing too. I made spaghetti squash for dinner and the funny part about that is Jess was making the same thing at her house. Well I guess that's it for now. Oh and the new True Blood poster:

Oh and Amazon just informed me that season 2 of Sons Of Anarchy is availiable for pre-order. Can't wait to buy it. Jax is super hot. Until Later TATA

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Begining

Well this weekend pretty much flew by. Feel like I blinked and it was gone. Saturday mosly just sat and laid around till I went over to Jess' house and we played some old school nintendo.. That was super mario fun. :) Then after that got ready to go out with some friends. Didn't end up getting home till about 4 then didn't go to bed until like 530. But, got to sleep until 1 so that was nice. Sunday got some much needed sun. Pressure washed the pontoon boat and all the life jackets. Hopefully we will be able to take it out this weekend. On the eating front I am doing much better. I finally got my mind back in the right state. We went to the Texas Roadhouse and I got the child's steak meal it was a 6oz. sirloin and mashed potatoes with gravy and a salad with ranch. I had like 3 bites of the salad and 2 of the mashed taters and not even half of the steak. So, that was good. Sunday I really didn't eat much I was too busy to even think about it.
So... got a funny story about the roadhouse. You know most people have quirks about when a waiter or waitress gets a tip. Like if I have to suck on ice with my drink yea no tip. Sorry if you can't keep my glass full you aren't doing a good job. Well we order our food and you usually get your salad first then your meal. So, the salad comes out and before any of us are even done putting the dressing on it our food comes out. And boy was one of my friends pissed that was her pet peeve and no tip for the waitress from her. Which brings me to my question of what is your no tip rule. What do they have to do or should I say not do to not get a tip???? Well until next time TATA

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today, I have been nothing but BAD!!!! :( I have had count them now 3 pieces of cake. I know. I know. Terrible. Now they weren't big pieces but still. That is just really too much. I need someone to come through the computer and slapp me to knock me outta it. I have just got into this mental phase to where well if I'm not in the gym yet then I'll just eat whatever I want. I need to get out of that and just do what I am supposed to do. But, luckily Jess and I are going to sign up for the gym in town on the 1st. Until thin I will just have to suffer!!!! That's pretty much it for today. OH except the fact that Jess posted that picture of us in 3rd grade with my aweful short hair. My mother cut my hair like that when I was young because she didn't want to brush all the knots out of it. That pic is a blast from the past. LOl


1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why.

OK this is the easiest question because I will tell you now. I would never do a job that requires you to mess with any kind of toilet or doody. NOPE won't happen... So gross....

2. What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday?

I don't know about the best, but me and Jess compete for who gets each other the best thing on her bday. Mine from her would have to be. She got us tickets to go see the BAD BOYS OF ROCK!!!! That was Revolution Theory, Buckcherry, PaPa Roach, and Hinder. They all were soooo awesome. Here are some pics. I was so close to PaPa Roach I just wanted to grab him.
Lead singer of Revolution Theory


PaPa Roach-he's all sleaved out!!! LOVE TATTOOS


3. This is from Amy W. (I had a request to copy her question and ask it today in BYOC) (Hope that’s okay Amy!)

What do you hide behind?

WOW this one is a hard one. Probably my humor. I like to make a joke of everything and that is my way of dealing with it all.

4. Where were you born?

5. A little twist on this one..usually we ask – what blog spoke to you the most, stuck with you, had the most effect on you this week? This week I’m adding to that which comment may have affected you greatly? Sometimes a blog can lead to amazing comments and they deserve their own claim to fame here in this question.

This time I would have to say Drazil... Totally agreeing with the Monday thing and Yea if the pants make you look good BEAUTY IS PAIN>!!HAHA. And comment would have to be.....Sandy Lee's comment on Jess' post about her and her Granny...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The day after.....

So, yesterday went for my one month checkup and for a fill. It went splendid. I got a whole 1cc in my band and I am not sensitive to the fill. The new weight is 294.2 so yyyyyeeeeessss. Even though I gained 5 from the last time I weighed. The dr. said that I lost 12 since surgery so that was uplifting. Then it was really funny cause you know when you have to swallow that gritty stuff to see if it goes through the band. YEAH. I asked the nurse if these little thing in the picture were stiches and she was like ugh no... those would be your hooks in your bra. So I died laughing. hahahahaha!!!!! Then ofcourse I am starving to death and my stomach is eating itself. So, me and Jess stop at Baytown Seafood and get a bowl of gumbo and laddle out the broth. And, I just wanted to cry... But today Jess got me really excited and told me that today is day 2 of liquids and not day 1 so that was so good for me. And, finally last night I got to catch up on a few episodes of General Hospital. If anyone watches that are you feelin me when I'm sayin that I am tired of everyone ganging up on Sonny. Leave him alone.

Until later. TATA

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Hurried Post....

So, I literrally only have about 2 minutes before I have to leave to go and get my fill. Wish me luck. Jess and I are both going today. I am so happy to be getting a fill because I know that I have little restriction and I don't want to mess up. However, this whole not eating until after you fill and then you can only have liquids for two days. Yea hate that with a passion. Thought I was never going to have to see liquids again. LIQUIDS ='s ANNOYANCE!!!!! But atleast it is for only 2 days. I think I can handle that. Oh and I got the blizzard from Dairy Queen last night the small one and I realized why I don't ever get them. Dairy Queen is maybe 10 minutes from my house adn the damn thing melted. Yes melted!!! It was good but I don't ever want one again. Well gotta go. TATA

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday... Might be the worst day of the week!!!!!

I am soooo tired..... I hate waking up on Monday morning knowing I have to go to work. I want to wake up one weekday morning and know Nope I don't have to go to work today I am going to sleep in. So... time for the weekend recap

Friday night: Went to Ole Tyme Days(a like small carnival type deal in our small town) and for some weird reason I was so swollen. My ankles look like a can of bisquits exploded. And I just felt so aweful from feeling so swollen. It was strange. OK at the cook off we partied until midnight when they shut it down then we headed to Rowdy Bucks and shut that down. It was funnnnnn....

Saturday: Woke up and played with Tank. Got dressed and went and picked up the bestie Jess. We went to the festival and walked forever and a day. It was super hot and humid too. After we got done there we went home changed and went to a BBQ at a friends house. Jess and me left there about midnight.

Sunday: Went 4-wheelin with some friends. Got wet and really muddy. Had a mud fight and we fell in the lake. That was funny. Got a lil sun too. I need some cause I feel more white than milk.

Oh most important thing.... After riding muddy and all we stopped at Crawfish Shack. Thank goodness.... It was soooo delicious. I get a fill on Wednesday. Hopefully I get back to being only able to eat a little. I'm not being totally bad but bad enough. OK done now.

One last thing. Poster 4 for True Blood:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last night was a blast we went to the crawfish shack and I got 2lbs. of crawfish and 1 potato. When I usually can get 5lbs. of crawfish and 2 potatoes and still be hungry. But that 2lbs really filled me up. It was awesome. Then we headed over to rowdy buck and I had a few amerretto sours. That was amazing.

The crawfish:

Delicious looking HUH!!!

O.K. moving on... So TMZ posted a little something that I thought was interesting. So, I am going to share it with you all.
Nic Cage Buys Pyramid -- To Be Dead In
Originally posted Apr 16th 2010 12:40 AM PDT by TMZ Staff
Nic Cage has purchased himself a fancy new pyramid to stay in -- but he doesn't plan on moving in .... until he's dead.

TMZ has learned Cage recently had a 9-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb built in a New Orleans cemetery -- with the expectation that it will be his final resting place.

It's unclear why Cage chose a pyramid-shaped building -- but it's probably no coincidence that there happens to be a pyramid-shaped symbol on the poster for his classic film, "National Treasure."

Now the interesting thing is that we went on vacation to New Orleans in February and went to the cemetary and saw them building the site. So, we knew before TMZ did HA.


Edition 4 of B.Y.O.C.

1. If you ever won the lottery – what’s the very first thing you’d do?

I would definately have to say I would take care of my parents and make sure they were set for the rest of their lives.

2. What is your favorite curse word? (This one is from Joey)

So, I am with Drazil one this one. I love the "F" word. Just love the way it rolls off my tongue. I curse alot. I am a sailor. I try really hard not to curse in my blog though.

3. What is your favorite holiday and why?

It would have to be Christmas. My whole family and Jess and her husband come to the house and we are just together. It is awesome.

4. What turns you on? (another suggestion from Joey)

OK on this question it kinda made my cheeks a little pinkish. Drazil you dirtty minded lady. I like the way you think. I think it is a guy with big muscles like Vin Diesel. Love that knowing he could pick ya up and throw ya on the bed you know.

5. Whose blog spoke to you, stayed with you, meant the most to you, stands out to you this week and why?

So, this week it would have to be BOOBS. I have been thinking alot about it and trying to think in my head of any way me and Jess would be able to go. Still trying so cross your fingers.

Until later, TATA

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Shack

Last night made some fajitas with some beans and rice. So delish.! Tonight we are goign to the crawfish shack. So excited. I absolutly love crawfish. Now, no I don't suck the heads like most people. Sorry just eat the tails. I also wear gloves. My mother is always telling me my PawPaw will just laugh if he ever sees me doing that. Well I don't like my hands to smell of crawfish. I don't care if you wash them there is still a smell that remains. And, while you are off trying to get your hands clean; I can just rip the gloves off and be ready to go. So HA!! After that we are supposed to stop by Rowdy Bucks I want a amerretto sour. I know I'm going to be exahusted tomorrow at work from staying out so late, but it will sooo be worth it. Oh, for Carmen here is the pic of the cake. It is a little blurry sorry.
So, now moving on.... I can't believe that the swelling in my stomach has decreased so much. I know that I could eat anything that I want to. I am trying so hard to stay good though. I only eat one cup, but like 20 minutes later literraly my stomach is growling like a frickin monster is in there. It is really painful. I am just hoping I can hold out and keep doing well until I get a fill. But it is hard. I really have to make myself go to my bedroom at like 8:30 so that I am away from the kitchen and any snacks that I might just shovel into my mouth if in eye range. And, I have been dreaming of food for the past 3 nights. That is really weird. Last night I dreamt about a kolache and a coke. When I woke up I really thought I drank a coke and was scarred that I was going to be hurting from the carbonation. Ok now that I have ranted a little. I will be closing now. Until Later TATA.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More pictures of the Muddin'

Me and Ashley

Ashley, Cayla, Nikki, and Me trying to hide my fluffiness in the back. :)

A close-up of John.

John and Cayla playin around.

Me and John in the rhino.

Wednesday=middle of the week and still not over yet!!!!

OK, I am sitting at my dest waiting on a confrence call to start. I have been waiting 5 minutes. Did I mention that I am impatient??? So, I figured that while I am waiting I would write a little. Last night I made steak and green beans for dinner it was delicious. I also made the red velvet cake. That was a task and let me tell you an excercise for your arm all that whisking. I though my arms were going to fall off. The cake part turned out really good. However, you are supposed to cook the icing and I started it and had to go outside to get Tank untied. He loves to run around stuff on his chain and get tangled up. So, while I was outside doing that the icing burnt. Thank goodness we had a tub of icing in the pantry already so I had to use that. It turned out all in all pretty good. I also decided I am not going to make the cornbread stuffed pork chops. It was just too much hassle. I settled on fajitas.

Now, back to Tank. After I get done with the whole cake situation I go outside to let him off the chain for a while. I notice that his toy is missing. I have to go on the hunt for the missing toy. Low and behold I find it at my brother's house next door and his little demon dog has done hid the toy. I'm trying to wrestle the dog for it and finally win. Victory is mine... or so I thought. I am walking back to my house as the demon is following me and trying to get the prize from me. It was a whole big ordeal. I'm just glad it is over.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Blues day!!!

Today is pretty much a blah day. I have decided to make cornbread stuffed prork chops for dinner tomorrow night but while I was looking at the recipe it called for sauce acadian. Now have any of you heard of such? Yeah, me neither. I asked my Aunt who has the cook book it is a Cajun cook book. The sauce is a mix of crawfish(the whole crawfish) and brandy and white butter roux. I was like yep going to skip that part of it. To lazy to make white butter roux that would take a while. I hope that it turns out good still. I'll let everyone know. And, if anyone was wondering yes I am cajun 1/2 to be exact, and part indian.I am also going to be bad and make a red velvet cake. I only want one bite. I'll bring the rest to work. Moving on.... It is so funny at work we got a new phone system and our extensions have all changed but our direct phone numbers have stayed the same. Well I didn't know that and I am texting everyone and letting them know my new number. Then I had to retell them that it was wrong and the old one was right. I was just confusing everyone and they were all texting me back to make up my mind. It was funny. Im just telling everyone this because I really have nothing to say. Oh, I almost forgot the third poster for True Blood:

Well, that's it for now. TATA

Monday, April 12, 2010


So, Saturday we went muddin'. It was so much fun!!!! Except for trying to hold my shorts on cause they don't fit anymore. I'm just glad I didn't moon anyone cause my hiney's brighter than the sun. Hee Hee. I brought a lunchable to eat b/c everyone else was eating sandwiches. I couldn't believe that it filled me up. Back to the muddin'.... well Gypsy held up she didn't get bothered at all. I found my limit though on drinking. It was funny cause we were all riding and then we stopped by the lake and everyone got off and was talking in a group and I'm still sitting in the rhino cause I was like WoW. I gotta just sit here for a second lOL.
The girls. Cayla, Me, Ashley, Nikki.

Now my brother John. I rode with him. He's crazy!!

After we got done we were so muddy. I couldn't believe it. I was so ready to get home and take a shower. Sunday, I spent most of the day outside with Tank, while John pressure washed the rhino. These pics are from Friday after work.

Here he is taking it to get ready for Saturday.

You know I have also noticed a huge boost of energy and ability to do alot more now with the weight loosing and eating better food. I am so happy. Now last picture of myself goofing around with the camera.
Oh, one last thing... I made chilli last night and it didn't turn out good. So, I brought it to work for the friends and me to eat for lunch so HA! It isn't nasty it just didn't turn out the way I wanted it too. Until later TATA!

Friday, April 9, 2010

FRIDAY FINALLY!!!!! *Hey Jess, is it Friday yet? HEE HEE*

So I really don't have alot to say today. Last night I made the breakfast pie and it looked scrumptous. Then Jess came over and she finally got on the band wagon and got herself a facebook. Yay for her. After that she fixed my horribly deformed eyebrows that I kept messing up. Thanks by the way. They look really good. Except for the fact that one goes farther out than the other, but that's not Jess fault they naturally grow like that. It isn't cool. I asked her to measure me to see what they are and I can't remember all of them, but I know that the total inches lost were a littled over 40 inches over my whole body. So yay for me. Standby for applause. :) That made me feel really good. Examine picture below for results:

And now for the qestions:BYOC
1. If you could have lunch with a famous person who would it be and what would you order?

This is really a hard one for me because I am a huge movie and tv person. I would die if there was no tv. OK, back to the question:
a girl: Would have to be Sarah Michelle Gellar (loved Buffy) and really like her.

a guy: So would have to be Jensen Ackles (Supernatural's the shit) He is so hot. That is what I am going after when I'm skinny and hot. LOL!

2. Where’s the furthest place you’ve traveled to?

It would be Arizona. I went there to visit my brother who is in the Air Force. He is now stationed in England but anyways back to the question. I stayed with him and my sis-n-law for like 3 months. It was such a difference than Texas. During the day it is hot as heck but a dry hot where as here it is a humid hot and your sweating alot. At night it is cold b/c of the desert weather. It was awesome being there though. We went floating down some river and that was so much fun b/c the water was cold while it was really hot outside. Love Love Love to be able to go back and do that again.

3. If you could describe yourself in 4 words – what would they be?

Funny, Loud, Picky, Loyal

4. What’s one interesting thing about you we don’t know?

I don't know if this is interesting but I have a habit that I have to eat my food in parts. Like if you have a steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I have to eat all the steak, then the mashed potatoes, then the green beans. I know weird right. I even take my hamburgers apart, well when I used to eat them.

5. Finally – whose blog spoke to you, stuck with you, stayed in your mind, resonated with you – this week – and why?

I would really have to say Amy W. because Jess told me about her blog and to check it out. Well when I did she really did inspire me to start my own. And, that I might actually be able to do this seeing as she and I were about the same weight when she started. Her progress really got to me. I was like WOW. I just might be able to hang in there and accomplish something. I used to tell Jess all the time b/c she loves reading people's success stories and does all the time. I hated seeing other people succeed b/c I was jealous of them. Yes, the little green monster got to me. But, Amy W.'s blog really sunk in with me. Then, as I have been on here longer I have found many other people's blogs that have been nice reading too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

TEMPTATION ISLAND!!!! you have been voted off the ISLAND :(

OK today is going not so well. All that I have been thinking about and talking with co-workers about is Dairy Queen. It is aweful. Dip cones, blizzards, sundaes, dilly bars, waffle bowls or cones, DQ sandwhiches, buster bars, and banana splits. Any of it just any of it. I want it N O W!!!!! Look I mean I am resisting the temptation but it is all that really is on my mind. That's the problem it's like my mind and my stomach are in a war and who is going to come out victorious.

Now that I have had my mimi meltdown. I feel better. I have been doing really good lately. I have been eating only 1 cup of food for every meal like I am supposed to. For breakfast I have been eating a shake of black berries, strawberries, orange juice, and protein powder. It is really good but by lunch my stomach is growling so bad it hurts. For lunch I had a 1/2 a cup of steak and 1/2 a cup of salad with no lettuce which consisted of tomatoes and onions. I am trying to stay away from carbs as much as I can until I get a fill. And, tonight I have no clue what I am going to do for dinner, but I know that Jessica is going to come over and we are going to have a cocktail while I have to make breakfast pie for work tomorrow.

Breakfast Pie you as well it's like a quiche. I bet it is full of calories too, but it is sooo good. My mom usually makes it for the family for breakfast on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually I never get any either because by the time I wake up my brothers have done come over and devoured the entire thing. They know she is gonna make it and the show up at the butt crack of dawn. It is pretty funny but not. Anyhoo I will give everyone the recipe and maybe on a cheat day you can have it. I know I'm gonna have a piece tomorrow.:)

ok this is for a pie shell.
You will need:
1 pie shell
1lb. sausage(I use Jimmy Dean regular) but whatever kind you like.
4 eggs
1 cup of evaporated milk or regular milk whatever you want to use
1/2 cup frozen vegatbles (onions & bellpeppers) if you don't eat that you don't have to use it.
1 cup of cheese whatever kind you want to use

Cook sausage drain and cool
put into pie shell
mix cheese in with the sausage be careful not to cut the pie shell up
in a bowl blend the eggs milk and vegatables
pour over the sausage and cheese
Put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. If you want to double it you just double everthing and you can buy the pie shells that you can mold and put it all in one container a big rectangle pan. That is what I usually do for work. That's really all I have for now. Until later TATA

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm so tired today, I stayed up too late last night. At work yesterday everyone was bugging me to get on the scale because I told them I wasn't going to weigh until my doctor's appointment on the 21st. Well, they finally got me to do it and the number was.......289. So that is a total loss of 33 pounds. I'm so excited. Then I told them that I wasn't going to weigh again until going to the dr and that after that I wasn't going to weigh again until a week before the river trip. But, they were gripping. So, now I have to weigh every 2 weeks and Jess is going to see the number, but I don't want to know. Then she was asking me why and that it is weird that I don't want to know. I just want to keep doing what I'm suppossed to be doing and loosing. But, when I decide to look at the number I want it to be a suprise to me. I don't know if I am being weird, but that's the way I want to do it. We are also going to do our measurements soon hopefully because we did them before either one of us got the surgery done. It will be interesting to see what they are.

I also caught up on a few shows I DVR'd after being outside for most of the night playing with Tank. I watched 1 episode of Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. I didn't think I would get into that show but I did and I like it and I watched 1 episode of Kirstie Alley's Big Life. She is nuts but funny. And, the finale of Tool Academy. The couple I was rooting for to win did so that made me smile. So needless to say that is why I was up so late. I don't think I passed out until about 1:30.

Also, just wanted to get someone's opinion about something. Saturday me and a couple of friends are going 4-wheelin and I am kinda worried cause I don't want Gypsy to jiggle loose. What do ya'll think. Until later TATA

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


OK, so on Sunday my dad got a new puppy. He is soooo adorable. I just love him. He is half rot and half lab. We were trying to come up with a name for him and my dad suggested Bud or Buddy. Both names I didn't quit think fit him. Then my mom was like Sandy and I said heck no. I didn't want him to have a complex cause of a wimp name, because he is gonna be a big dog; so he needs a big name. I said Nanook(off of The Lost Boys) but ofcourse they said no. Then *TADA* I said TANK! And, at last the puppy has a name. Here he is:

And here he is with my niece Haylie and Tank. And, just a note he is only 6-7 weeks old.

Moving on! I went to Jessica's house last night and we made the spaghetti squash. I was shocked that it turned out actually good. We both were amazed that the squash really did look like noodles. Yes, we were skeptical! But it was sooo good. We even brought it for lunch today. Yum! Here are a couple of images of us making it. :)

Me making the noodles.

Jessica making the meat and sauce mixture.

The finished product!

Well that's all for now folks. TATA