Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Firstly, just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. It means alot to me. So, my dad is doing good right now. They have woke him up but he still has the tube down his throat to breath and a little touch of pnemonia... But he is lookin good. They also have him tied dow so he doesn't pull the tube out. They are supposed to take the tube out today. So crossing my finger. Now onto my annoyance.... They are making me and my sister and brothers take a class for six weeks every tuesday night about how to take care of my dad when he comes home for a month we gotta take care of him. Now the annoying part. We have to drive all the way to the hospital pay for parking which is like 12 dollars every time to be given a packet and then having the packet read to us. OK I know how to read and I am not stupid so. It is a total waste of time. But luckily the class ended early so that was good.
Now, for some weight news I am now 271.2 I decided since I'm not going to meet my goal by next week so I made a new one. To be in the 260's by then. I hope I can meet that small goal. I am very disappointed in myself though for not loosing the weight when I know that if I would have just tried harder I could have done it. Well guess I will do it as good as possible for the next goal I make and here are some pics.
Me, Jess, and a friend Steven... Partying for Jess b-day...

Jess, Me, and Ashley

Cayla and Me

Friday, June 18, 2010


OK, so for the people who have been wondering where the hell I have been. Sorry, not going to be a long post just trying to touch base. My dad went into the hospital on Thursday last week the 10th. And they said that his heart was failing and they were either going to get a heart transplant or a LVAD. Then I had a nervous break down cause all I could think when my mom told me that was about Denny off of Grey's Anatomy. So... Then I went up there on Sunday and saw him and he didn't look good. Then me and Jess went up there on Monday and he looked the same. I had a dr appointment on Tuesday and got a fill then headed to the hospital and I heard the dr in there so I waited in the waiting room for an hour. When I got in there my mom said they had something to tell me that I wasn't going to like. Well mom said that all of his organs were shutting down and they had to do something where they put a balloon in his heart and if that didn't work then he was just going to come home and basically die. There is no easy way to put that. Well then I got real upset because he promised me that he would be here to walk me down the aisle and see my first kid being born and since I have no intension of either then he would be around for a while. So that really upsetted me. I know that ain't a work but whatever. So they did that surgery and it has really improved his functions. So his surgery is scheduled for Monday there is only a 50 percent chance that he will make it through it and we are all hoping for the best. My brother and sis-n-law were even flown in from England cause he is in the Air Force for two weeks of emergency family leave. So that has really helped my mom... I will keep updated when I possibly can.

Monday, June 7, 2010


OK. I have been absent lately cause I just feel down. I can't believe for the second week in a row that I have only lost .6 pounds. It is really getting to me.. Now I have to loose 6 pounds a week to reach my goal weight. This is really getting under my skin.
Oh not to mention the wreck that I got into yesterday. This girl ran into the side of my truck with her bug and dented in my real driver side door. Thanks!!!! Jess was with me and she was hot about it. I was just like really someone just hit me. Then when Jess was talking to her she said she had fallen asleep that is why she hit me. Again, Thanks... Now my truck has depreicated in value..... UGH!!! So, that didn't help my mood either.
Back to the weight. I went ahead and made another appointment to get a fill. So hopefully that will change something.
Saturday we went tubing and I actually could tell a difference in my upper body strength. That was awesome...
Here are some recent pics.
Me and Jess with our margaritas!!

My nephew Anthony who just graduated. I'm so proud of him.

And, this is me tubing Yay!!!

Me and Cayla at the beach Memorial day weekend.

OH and last but not lease True Blood Season 3 teaser poster 11: This weekend is the premier cant wait...:)

Until Later TATA!!!!