Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday. Thursday how I loathe that you aren't Friday. haha

So, I didn't mention yet that me and Jess got tats on Friday. Yep, I'm addicted. lol. I have to get one any time I go to the tattoo parlor. :) We went to the tattoo shop for my brother John to get his frist tattoo ever. It is of Speed Gonzales as the devil for our dad. Our dad has a tattoo on each of his forearms one of speedy and one over the devil. So my brother jsut combined them. It was a nice thing to do and a good choice for your first tat. Me and Jess got a matching tat of a latin phrase that means a friend is another self. And, she suggested that we get our zodiac signs with them so we did. It hurt close to the top of the sign when the guy started hitting bone but when he did the words I was cracking up laughing. It was tickling so bad. Jess was in pain it was funny too her facial expressions. They ended up being really good and it is almost healed. Well nothing really much to say today on and now I am 271 even. yay!!!

Oh, and had to add a lil bout TRUE BLOOD. OMG!!! The episode Sunday night. That is all I can say about it. OMG!!!! That was a whopper. LOL I can't wait to see what happens next. Oh and Alcide is hottttt!!! And, Eric just gets hotter and hotter!!!
Until Later, TATA


  1. Loving the Speedy Gonzales tat. My son got his first tat (of my name) over his heart. I'm to much of a pain phobic to get one.

  2. OPPPS forgot to say congrats on the WL!!